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SKYLOONG „JIUWEI“ Mechanical Keyboard

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The Classic of Mountains and Seas, also known as Shan Hai Jing, is a Chinese classic text and a compilation of mythic geography and beasts.
The „JIUWEI“ is one of the beasts in Shan Hai Jing, which means nine tails fox. It is our first try at Chinese mythology.
It would be very cool to combine Chinese mythology with a keyboard and become part of your desktop.


Product Features

Hot Swappable

As a highly free custom mechanical keyboard vendor, our new keyboard „JIUWEI“ is hot-swappable mechanical keyboard kit which equipped with the Glacier mechanical switch designed by SKYLOONG. Moreover, It also matches 3 pins or 5 pins mechanical switches, allows you to replace it with the switch you love freely.


Bluetooth 5.1 & Wired Dual Modes, Equipped 4000Mah Battery

With a Bluetooth 5.1 connection and a long-lasting battery, the Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect device for people who are always on the go. No matter if you need to type a quick message or write a novel, this keyboard is on your side with its convenient and comfortable design.


Five Side Dye-Sub Keycaps

If you’re looking for a keyboard to upgrade your typing experience, then look no further! Get rid of that plain old keyboard and get our Five Side Dye-Sub Keycaps. With a stylish design and PBT material, GK1 profile keycaps will give your keyboard a whole new look while you are typing.


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